Join hands to build smart cities and improve the quality of life in the futureHero In The East&Toronto Smart Solutions

2024-05-30 0 By Owen

Recently, in Toronto, Canada, Hero In The East and Toronto Smart Solutions held a solemn signing ceremony, announcing that the two parties would jointly launch a new smart city project. The project aims to develop and implement intelligent transportation systems, energy management solutions and public safety platforms to improve the efficiency of urban management and the quality of life of residents.


Hero In The East is a high-tech enterprise focusing on technological innovation. It is good at artificial intelligence, big data analysis, edge computing and other fields, and is committed to promoting digital transformation and smart city construction. Toronto Smart Solutions is Canada’s leading provider of smart city solutions and has rich experience in urban management and technological innovation.

This cooperation will give full play to the technical and resource advantages of both parties and work together to build an intelligent and efficient urban management system. The project will cover the design and implementation of intelligent transportation systems, including intelligent traffic lights, vehicle tracking systems, etc.; the development of energy management solutions to optimize and save energy consumption; and the construction of public safety platforms to improve the city’s security management level. .


At the signing ceremony, representatives from both parties expressed their expectations and confidence in cooperation. The CEO of Hero In The East said: “We are very happy to reach a cooperation agreement with Toronto Smart Solutions to jointly promote the development of smart city projects. Through cooperation between the two parties, we will bring smarter, safer, and more efficient services to the citizens of Toronto. A more convenient urban living experience.”

The CEO of Toronto Smart Solutions also said: “Hero In The East has rich technical experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data, and we are confident in this cooperation. We look forward to working together to build a smart city for Toronto through the cooperation between the two parties.” A smarter, more livable city.”

The cooperation between the two parties will surely inject new vitality and impetus into Toronto’s smart city construction, bringing more convenience and well-being to urban development and residents’ lives.